Saturday, August 4, 2007

Told You So

Fairly early on, I stated my opinion that the end result of Ethan Haas Was Right would be a coupon code or voucher good for some percentage off Alpha Omega.

Oh, look. I was right, once again.


Meta said...

I'm really impressed with people that stuck with this to the end, and didn't jump on every bandwagon that came by. ^ ^ Good job, even if the ending was as uninteresting as I'd feared. Ah well. The trip there was fun.

Though I'm sure there will still be people out there analyzing fuzzy photographs just to find some minore detail that will connect this somehow to 1-18. >_>;

Jose said...

A lot of people wanted a game. They wanted a mystery or connection. You just have to understand that during the beginning it was all fun and games.

You can't fault people for that.

It's still the great old ones you know...right?

vitpink said...

Now that it seems to be over, can you share with us how you found the 2 URLs for the journal pages?

The closest I can figure out is that they were listed in some of the whois info that got changed.

Zaecus Celestis said...

Have you noted the new Neried Communications connection and all of the information that has been pulled off of there?