Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Ethan Haas Sing-Along!

Someday we'll find it
the Mind Storm connection
the Mezin
Van Mantra
and me

La da da de da da do
La la da da da de da do


vitpink said...

You poor thing, I think you've flipped out:(

You'll feel better tomorrow. lol

Jose said...

get some sleep.

The One True b!X said...

No sleep. It's not even 9:15 PM yet.

pawrence said...

This is all so aggravating now. I was hanging out on the Red Interactive website out of boredom but even that is getting tiresome.

The Last Scion said...

Hi all! I have been following the Ethan Haas "quest" as well as your blog with (I must admit) a rather morbid fascination. I am glad you were able to find so much information on this thing. You have been very helpful, since I was very confused at some of the mysteries, having never played an ARG before now. since i mostly look at this stuff at night, you can guess I'm sufficiently freaked out about all this!

I gotta admit though, it being august 1st andnot seeing anything remotely interesting on the ehwr site is disappointing. I wonder what we are supposed to do with this password...


Anyway, I'm just now getting up to speed, having been content to wait until today after solving the puzzles. I didn't know what else was going on. keep us posted B!X.

Hugo said...

How long till we get a "Van was Captured / Injured" post to try and cover up the ball dropping?

Warlord Mattimus said...


I dunno, but they've gotta know that they're losing out on quite a lot of credibility and fanbase with just this. You'd think they'd've done more to make sure today went off without a hitch, being that it's probably the #1 thing on their minds.

Hugo said...


Well, it seems it's probably a fuckup on the client's part moreso than red interactive. As much work as they've done for some big money heavy hitters this kind of a tank job seems a bit out of place.

Read client as Mindstorm of course.

Hugo said...

Oh and bravo on the Rainbow Connection play.

Also, anyone know who this Jacob asshole is that they keep referring to on TTAEH blog under the latest update?

The One True b!X said...

Jacob is who picked up in the wake of "Erik Haas", who some maintain was/is in-game, despite not one single in-game character or site ever referring to him or finding a way to confirm his authenticity.

(Which means either Erik/Jacob are not in-game, or the puppetmasters suck at what they do and don't understand how to establish the authenticity of their characters and sites.)

Hugo said...


Gracias ole boy.

Well, they've got till this shot of Nyquil kicks in before I call it a night.

Ex Libris Mortis said...

The sotry progresses, all other left in ignorance shall find their faults when the end of times come. May you too be one not left behind, and may you too be one to progress. Contact has been made, the game moves forward.