Saturday, July 21, 2007

Who Is 'jeremy673'?

When it first was determined that the codes hidden inside the Triton press release and Van's email were meant to be used as URLs, the three domains we found did not utilize private registration. Instead they showed us this:

Administrative Contact:
Jones, Scott
147 James Street
Ocala, CA 90210

To my knowledge, no one ever received a reply when emailing the alleged "Scott Jones" alias Necro. I know that I didn't. While the domains now show private registration, it turns out that this jeremy673 has been working on the EHWR promotion for awhile now. We know this thanks to Google.

Back on July 2, he posted to CHUD forums promoting the EHWR website, which he at least had the forethought to put in the Shameless Links & Self Promotion forum.

Unlike when Brian Kessman of Red Interactive Agency spammed gamer boards for that URL back on June 27-29, jeremy673 was smart enough to post a couple of other times to the CHUD forums to make it seem as if he was a real user.


Nighthawk said...

Probably another Red Interactive employee that left the screen door open.

ppaladin said...

I got an email from I read your blog all the time and when you first posted the Haas journal sites I naturally did a search of the domain registry and turned up the email address for "necro." I emailed him a simple message: "Is Van safe?" And I got back a simple reply about 4-5 days later (just now), "yes."

More interesting s what came next. I emailed him back again apologizing for cluttering his inbox since he probably didn't mean for his address to be in game. I immediately got an auto-reply. The subject line changed to "Re: Divinus _____" Where ____ was the original subject of my email. The text just said "book your holiday now!."

It looks like maybe they are planning to use his email address as a contact for the divinus page whenever it goes up. That means that the email address IS in-game but probably not meant to be up and running yet.

Anyway, go ahead and verify my post by sending another email to it. You'll get the auto-response.

The One True b!X said...


How about that, there's the auto-response.

Curiously, he is "Jeremy Jones" -- whereas the original domain records had "Jones, Scott" as if his first name was Scott.