Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Where Did EHWR Come From?

It's already been established that Red Interactive Agency made the EHWR website. They claim it as their own right there on their own site. But there's been some discussion (as people try to figure out just how it got bound together with Cloverfield by mistake) about just where the first mention of EHWR might be.

Over at the Unfiction forums, it was noted that the first appearance might be in a post to some Xbox forums.

As it turns out, that user -- bjkman22 -- posted all over the place at the very end of June, mainly focusing on gaming sites. And to, to StumbleUpon, and to Trailfire as well.

Who is bjkman22, otherwise known as Brian Kessman? He's the Interactive Producer of one Red Interactive Agency. In other words, he was spamming a bunch of online gaming forums promoting the site his agency had been hired to create and deploy.

None of that gets us the answer to the question, "What is EHWR promoting, anyway?" And it doesn't answer how it got mixed up with Cloverfield.

But it's another piece of the out-of-game puzzle about just what in the world they're ultimately selling with this.

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