Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What Role Will You Play?

Now it's the Mezin talking about role-playing. And here is the transliteration.

they will soon be here
the time for games is nearly over
soon you will face a choice, what role will you play?
look for our symbol, it will guide you to your destiny


ISammael said...

and www.alphaomegathegame.com now is password-protected.

I'm not entirely convinced that is an in-game site, but either way, it's worth noting.

The One True b!X said...

Well, and I obviously believe it's not in-game, because I believe it's what the game is promoting.

ISammael said...

touche, touche. But my point remains... it is pw protected, but I think it is some idiot a la www.erikhaas.blogspot.com that is attempting to mislead us. I don't have any evidence to this, except circumstantially that that's a remarkably long url for a game that apparently isn't happening online (from Nighthawk's convo with the artist), and already has another site devoted to it (www.mindstormlabs.com).

The One True b!X said...

It's a MSL-owned domain. They linked to it in their original Alpha Omega press release.

ISammael said...

Ahh, you see? you keep on pointing out all these little nuggets of truth that just stick me like a thorn in the side. you were the kid that always had to be right, huh?

thanks, i appreciate all that you are keeping straight for me. that's what my wife spends a lot of time doing - keeping my stuff together.