Monday, July 23, 2007

Tom Spammed EHWR To Gaming Boards, Too

Remember how Brian Kessman of Red Interactive Agency was spamming gaming boards to get the EHWR website noticed? As it turns out, Tom McLaughlin did this, too.

During another random Google sweep, I discovered that the Mind Storm Labs press release for Alpha Omega had been posted to Digg 55 days ago, by one "tom3mc", although that Digg account has since been deleted.

(Disgression: That item was then "dugg" by six people: Mind Storm Labs itself, the designer of the MSL website (Royama), tom3mc himself, an unrelated spammer (pablowisdom), and one "plummonkey" (a username I'd previously noticed as belonging to an Earl Fischl, and which therefore now establishes the EF of MSL indeed as the author of a self-published book on slacker world domination), and "the1shroud", whose identity I haven't yet sussed, but who only joined Digg right when the MSL press release was issued, and who also posts to the Unfiction forums and various other EHWR sites.)

At any rate, Google for "tom3mc" and you find that he was spamming gaming sites with the EHWR website in early July. He even got accused of being a bot on one such site.

It's somewhat interesting to see what sites come into play on his Trailfire trail as well.

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Jose said...

You know its still odd. I went to my wholesale company (Gamus) and local gaming store with a lot of reputation in the area. (dreamwizards) and they searched their wholesale company (Diamond + more) and we could find nothing.

Even though they has never heard of this entire ethan haas mess dreamwizards states that its kinda fishy they are in final phase of a product and still have not previewed it to the distribution companies and gaming stores.