Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tom McLaughlin Signed The New Brunswick Letter?

Late last week, a report surfaced out of New Brunswick. Someone claimed to have been hand-delivered a letter from Van Mantra. Given the connections involved, it was (at the very least) feasible.

In my opinion, I am now more convinced than ever that this letter is real, in the sense that the puppetmasters really did have a letter delivered to this person.


Because of this comparison between the signature of Van Mantra from the letter and that of Tom McLaughlin from the Florida business filing for Mind Storm Labs.

The key, for me, is that the swoosh of Tom's capital "T" in his own signature is almost exactly the same as the swoosh of Van's lower-case "t" in his signature.

Obviously, there are distinctions between the two signatures. For instance, the "M" in McLaughlin does not match the "M" in Mantra. But that's consistent with someone trying to generate a signature for a fake person and trying to make it different from their own.

But, at the same time, when someone tries to fake a signature for a fake person, sometimes elements of their own handwriting show through. In poker terms, they have a "tell".

Right now, I believe the swoosh is the tell, and that Tom McLaughlin signed the letter from Van Mantra, and used the previously-reported chain of acquaintances to have it delivered to a gameplayer in New Brunswick.


ISammael said...

Hmm. You could be right, and I'll even buy the 'he tried to make it different,' but it's so hard to tell with a PDF. Professional signature comparers use a device that measure how deeply each portion of each letter is ingrained in the paper (how hard the pen is pressed down), and compare between the two manuscripts. We clearly can't do that with a scan of a photocopy.

I'm going to buy it for now, however, since the only way they could have forged it would be in an attempt to out-fox us, and since it was so hard for you and Nighthawk to find the Tom signature, and you clearly do SO much more research than this purporter does, his chances of finding this and linking it up are slim to none.

The One True b!X said...

Oh, it's certainly not conclusive. But I think it's enough. Heh.

Also, the letter in New Brunswick surfaced on July 10. The paperwork in Florida had to have appeared online no earlier than July 13, since that's the date on which is appeared to have been filed or approved.

So, at the time of the NB letter, I don't believe the Florida paperwork would have been available to anyone.

vitpink said...

Another point that leads to the letter being real (really being delivered) is that there was live interaction with emails when the game was new.

I wish they would do some more live stuff, it's exciting.