Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tom McL: VC And PM?

So, back for a moment to where I started into all of this, back on July 7: Tom McLaughlin. Tom is the Director of Sales & Marketing at a Florida-based development group.

McLaughlin received his BA and graduate degrees in information technology from the University of New Brunswick, and his MBA from Brisbane Graduate School of Business. During his studies at Brisbane, he specialized in International Business and Entrepreneurship. Mr. McLaughlin has almost five years of experience in land development, sales and marketing.

Until the staff page was scrubbed from their website, Mind Storm Labs listed Tom as "The Suit".

At this point, I strongly suspect that Tom is the venture capital partner to which MSL referred in their Alpha Omega press release. Further, looking at the above, I strongly suspect that Tom, in fact, is the puppetmaster here.

(In fact, I believe that explains how we ever found out about Tom at all: Early on, he got sloppy and used for Van Mantra's mailing address one which used to belong to Tom, not realizing that a reference to that address in connection to Tom still existed online for us to find.)

Relatedly (in terms of the puppetmasters), but unrelated to Tom: I now believe that the person from MSL who posted in January seeking artists for Alpha Omega in fact was the previously-mentioned David Carter, who has been referred to as MSL's "World Designer" -- the same phrase the "Mind Storm Labs" user in that January post utilized for their personal description/title.

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