Monday, July 23, 2007

Still No Hindi In Firefox On MacBook

So, on my personal MacBook, I can read the Hindi script in Safari, OmniWeb and Opera, but not in Firefox. Also, I can see it in Mail. But I can't see it in Firefox or Camino, although I can see it in Firefox on the XP laptop at work. Any ideas? It's driving me crazy to see all these question marks instead of the Hindi script.


The Gunny said...

What encoding are you using?

Truthspeaker said...

We here at GLITMFS appriciate your insightful comment on our blog.

Keep watching the sky's.

cbsemath said...

Hindi is is the third most spoken language after Chinese and English and is spoken by about 490 million people.
So it is sad that firefox is not avialable in hindi.

Anil said...

Hindi support was missing in Firefox 2 for Mac. But Firefox 3 now displays it flawlessly. Download it today!