Saturday, July 21, 2007

Someone Is Going To Go To Gen Con, Yes?

Let's assume for the moment that when the magic date of August 1 rolls around, we don't return to the main EHWR website only to be given a coupon or voucher good for X% off pre-orders of Alpha Omega. Instead, let's assume for the moment that August 1 brings a new round of gameplay within the Ethan Haas mythos.

If that's the case, I trust that someone will make their way to Gen Con Indy, where Mind Storm Labs will be launching Alpha Omega at booth 208.

In the event we're still in the midst of EHWR gameplay come mid-August, there'd be a fair to middling chance that something important will happen at Gen Con, much in the same way that part of The Lost Experience last Summer happened live and in person at Comic-Con.

So, is anyone who has been following along with EHWR planning to attend Gen Con Indy from August 16 to August 19?

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