Friday, July 20, 2007

Seraph Ophanum

Four days before this post remarking upon the presence of the words "seraph" and "ophanum" in the keywords of Mind Storm Labs' website, the domain was registered, and hosted on the same site as the MSL site.

It's anyone's guess whether it will just point to some other site (perhaps the eventual Alpha Omega website) or will be something unto itself. For all we know, it's an already-decided title for an already-planned follow-up to Alpha Omega.


Nighthawk said...

You are much more involved in this than I am, it seems. Nice work.

Wish I didn't have so much work these days; maybe this weekend I'll catch up with you.

Keep me (or us, I guess) informed on how this goes. We'll figure this out together, and I'll help out in any way I can.

Jose said...

I will be waiting at watching your post for the info from Comic-Con. (your going right?)
Hopefully, when your info comes out I can get back to my life and leaving this thing alone. :)

Of course J.J. will say something cryptic and off we go again.