Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Secret Message From Van Mantra

The hidden text from the Triton press release:

I’ve discovered several pages from Haas’ journal. I have to be careful how I distribute these pages, there are forces here on earth and beyond that would destroy them if they could. I will reach out to all of you with clues on how to find them; we will all have a role to play…

Note that, as before, Van refers here to role playing. I remain convinced that such references are in-game hints pointing to EHWR being a promotion for Alpha Omega.


Nighthawk said...


God, you made it look easy... Is there some way to get the hidden text other than right-clicking on each word? They seem to have secured the PDF so I can't even print it.

The One True b!X said...

Google for

decrypt password pdf

and I downloaded the trial version of the first thing I saw.

Nighthawk said...

Actually, there's more information in the "Properties" option inside Acrobat Reader, including two apparent codes.

Screenshot on my blog.

harrison_heick said...

O.K. just wondering if anyone else had found what i found.
i checked the page source on EHWR.com
and found the following message

"...war came, no longer from the elemental nor from the star's rain of fire. The world was again remade, and the glow was as the coming of the sun upon the Earth. The children of the gods were again too few, scattered and divided and among them walked the ancients and those whose thoughts were not as to the towers and the marvels, but to the End and the destruction of the Earth and to the fires from which nothing could escape."

could this be more of Haas' writings?? has it even been found?? just wanted to lend a hand to the search.