Monday, July 23, 2007

RIA And MSL, Sitting In A Tree

So, I followed the link provided in the comments to the previous post, and then from there followed a link to a Digg post about the original Ethan Haas Was Right site.

It turns out Tom Mclaughlin didn't just use tom3mc, he also used tom147mc. In this case, he's in the Digg comments claiming to be stuck on the one of the puzzles.

And, look. A couple of posts later, there's Brian Kessman of Red Interactive Agency, makers of the EHWR site, asking how another commenter had managed to solve said puzzle.

Yes, there they are. Mind Storm Labs and Red Interactive Agency, working in tandem to try to generate discussion of Ethan Haas Was Right.


Rhetro said...

wow...very smooth detective work, but it's the small things that count. congrats and wish i could give ya a beer over the hard "dig" work...hehehe so, in the meantime, i will just golf clap your efforts!

The One True b!X said...

Interestingly, every user account involved in that thread except for Brian Kessman's and "clau161" is now considered invalid, presumably deleted.

Which kind of makes me think the other deleted accounts were in on it as well.

Chris said...

This is some great work. We need as many ties as possible between MSL and RED to prove MSL isn't in-game. I would personally LOVE to play an ARG for an RPG. Way better than a movie or VG.