Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Note From Someone Who Has Met TM

Unfortunately I can’t get into any more detail than what is on their site. We had a meeting with their head of business. He was more interested in getting some feedback and a way in to local gamers. I believe they have forecast the release for Gen Con. The game is a post apocalyptic future setting. I did see the artwork and they have some great things going on in that area as well. As far as the system, we didn’t talk much in that area (most game designers don’t talk system too much due to potential legal problems) and the setting. I’m hoping to be able to get out to a near future [withheld] meeting, at which point he will probably make the trip with me. So until then, I can’t say too much more. Sorry for the vagueness of this reply. I just don’t think it is really my place to discuss too much about someone else’s work until after they launch.


Ben said...

Hmm once again interesting find...mind elaborating on how this got you you

The One True b!X said...

I found a post online from a couple months back where someone said they had met Tom. So I emailed them and asked about it.

Ben said...

Ah ok.. now that I think about it I think I stumbled across something about some one meeting with Mindstorm Labs might be the same post-- great sluething keep up the good work!