Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Sites?

In the sidebar there are three new sites listed as potentially in-game. Where did they come from? They are domains using codes hidden within yesterday's Triton press release and the most recent email from Van Mantra. Current indications suggest that they were registered the day before the Triton press release was issued and available, which would suggest that they are in-game. But that's not yet confirmed.

If in-game, we currently have three potential new sources of information, but Van's latest email suggests that we're only going to want one of the three:

know the stars of Cassiopeia and you will know when you've reached your destination.

Presumably as some point we will find the W-shape star pattern of Cassiopeia. I suspect it either will be on one of those three sites, thereby designating it as the proper one, or it will appear somewhere else and point us to one of these three sites, thereby designating it as the proper one.

It should also, possibly, be noted that the names of the three sites, according to their domain records, have specific and deliberate spacing and/or capitalization.

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