Thursday, July 19, 2007

The New Brunswick Connection?

In over the transom at Unfiction today came a pointer to this blog post purporting to tell of a man in New Brunswick who had delivered to him at his office -- personally, by someone claiming to have been paid $5 by a man in the baseball cap -- a letter from Van Mantra.

You can read more in a later blog post at the same site, or view the letter (jpg) for yourself.

Now, I'm naturally skeptical, but it's important to note one curious thing. The people in question reportedly work in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Fredericton is about 84 km southeast of Pole Hill, New Brunswick. What's the big deal about Pole Hill?

Pole Hill, for a very brief time, was the city given in the domain record for the main EHWR website, after the original Orlando address of Van Mantra and before the eventual Stevenson address of Triton Enterprises.


The Gunny said...

We know that McLaughlin went to UNB, wonder if it was the Fredricton campus.

cynthia said...

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