Thursday, July 19, 2007

The New Brunswick Connection? (Part Two)

At this point I really do rather suspect that Adam Spencer, out in Fredericton, really did receive a paper letter from Van Mantra.

As pointed out by LazyRegistered (nee LazyGuest) in the Unfiction thread, there is a loose chain of connections between Tom McLaughlin and New Brunswick.

The quick version goes something like this.

The owner of Royama Design -- which did design work for Mind Storm Labs (as well as for another company connected to McLaughlin) -- once worked for LearnStream, "an industry-leading e-Learning firm".

LearnStream operates out of Fredericton, New Brunswick.

So, theoretically, there's a chain (at the very least of acquaintance) through which the EHWR puppetmasters could arrange to have a physical letter delivered to someone in New Brunswick who has been following the EHWR promotion.


ISammael said...

Okay, try this on for size: while I'm convinced EHWR and 1-18-08 are separate entities, I, like you, would like to play one big ARG. Here's some circumstantial evidence:

The numbers may not be '163,' but '613,' as in the sign 'slow, children playing' is not linear. Revelation 6:13 states "and the stars in the sky fell to earth, as late figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind." Ethan Haas/Van describes stars falling many times. This could be a connection?


blarrggh said...

isn't ethan haas the name of that characters in that kinda dumb canceled tv show? um...the guy who played him was cool tho, jason ritter, john ritter's son.

vitpink said...

I'm glad they scanned the letter for us, but I would like to see the envelope as well (I hope they didn't throw it away).

I don't doubt that this could be true because of the live emails people received in answer to questions to Van.

I wish they could start doing some of that kind of stuff again.

Adam said...

Hey Guys,

I'm the guy that got the letter. My coworker posted it up on his blog for me. I'm willing to answer whatever questions you have.

BTW, good sleuthing to the guy who's blog this is. Learnstream is indeed an e-learning firm in town, in fact years ago before the big dotcom bust my sister used to work there.