Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The New Brunswick Connection? (Part Three)

Here's where we were a bit dim.

Last week it was pointed out that the designer of the Mind Storm Labs logo, website, and business cards once worked for a different company located in New Brunswick. And so there was a potential chain of acquaintance which would have enabled the puppetmasters to deliver a physical letter to a player in that province.

It turns out we overlooked the far more obvious connection, which now cements in my mind the authenticity of that letter.

The designer themselves, at least based on the area code in their phone number, is located in New Brunswick.

And given that said designer was part of the group which tried to push the EHWR site on Digg, the puppetmasters clearly have made use of them to promote and further the campaign.

I was convinced before, with some lingering doubts. Now, the doubts are gone.

I'm certain that the New Brunswick letter indeed was created by the puppetmasters and hand-delivered to a gameplayer in Fredericton.

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