Saturday, July 14, 2007

More On MSL's Existence

One of the most aggravating things about the Mind Storm Labs issue has been their lack of a street address. Their press release didn't have one, their website doesn't have one, and their domain registration is private.

But lo and behold, thanks to an Unfiction poster, we have what I believe is the April issue of Polyglot (pdf), a gaming zine.

On page four, the zine reproduces material from the MSL website and includes a street address.

Mind Storm Labs
1376 Bank Street, Suite 302
Ottawa ON K1H 7Y3

According to Google, once upon a time this was the location of a renewable energy company, although that's not relevant.

Anyone in Ottawa feel like making a little visit?

An edit to add that this address makes another appearance.

Welcome to my Mind finds a designer responsible for Mind Storm Labs' logo, website, and business cards. The address appears on the latter -- as does a new email address for someone at Mind Storm Labs, beyond the simple "info@" address they feature on their website.

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