Saturday, July 14, 2007

More Evidence That MSL Existed Pre-EHWR

Over at Unfiction, a guest poster argues, "Mindstorm Labs has NO previous records of existance before June 07."

This is wrong in several ways. Originally, the earliest known appearance was in May, when they issued their press release. Later, it was discovered that they were posting to a forum or two in January seeking artists.

I just found another early, pre-ARG reference to them. One of their artists posting an image they had created for Alpha Omega.

In the middle of March.

And here's some more. Also from mid-March.

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Nighthawk said...

As posted on my blog...

...Mind Storm Labs appears in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine as far back as May, with site notices in January.

Still not 100% convinced no. In the 90s...