Friday, July 13, 2007

Mind Storm Labs Confirms Importance Of August

From the beginning, the elements of the Ethan Haas Was Right campaign have pointed to August 1, 2007 as the important date. It's the date upon which we are supposed to return to the EHWR website and input a code. In one of his videos, Van Mantra says that once we hit August 1, we will have thirty days to... do something.

I've said before that the August timeframe fits with Mind Storm Labs' appearance at GenCon to showcase Alpha Omega. Well, now we know something else about August.

According to a Mind Storm Labs' news item from June 25:

In the next three months we will continue to unveil the Alpha Omega world to gamers through the newsletter and with the launch of the official Alpha Omega website in August.

And according to another item from as recently as July 4:

We will also be launching the official Alpha Omega website in early August. We will have more information about the website in the coming weeks, including site features and special promotions.

I've joked about it elsewhere, but what are the odds that when we return to the EHWR site on August 1, what we'll be given is some sort of coupon or voucher good towards Alpha Omega, but we have only thirty days to redeem it?

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