Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Key To The Key

Over in the sidebar, I now have a Key to various abbreviations I'm likely to start using here. But it might be useful as well to offer a key to that key -- in order words, to briefly describe each entity listed there.

AO = Alpha Omega

The forthcoming table-top RPG from Mind Storm Labs, officially announced in a press release at the end of May, and to be unveiled at Gen Con Indy in mid-August. Artwork for this game on the Mind Storm Labs website parallels atwork on the Ethan Haas Was Right website.

BK = Brian Kessman

Employed at Red Interactive Agency, he spent three days at the end of June posting links to the original Ethan Haas Was Right website to various gaming forums, and later helped try to promote it on Digg.

DC = David Carter

Part of Mind Storm Labs, described as both the company's "World Designer" or "Mechanics Wizard". He may or may not be the same David Carter employed by Relentless Publishing and its Prophecy RPG. Likely the person who posted online back in January seeking artists for Mind Storm Labs' RPG.

EF = Earl Fischl

The so-called "Lore Spinner" of Mind Storm Labs, and one-time self-publisher of a book on slacker world domination. Helped try to promote Ethan Haas Was Right on Digg.

JJ = Jeremy Jones

The name on emails responding to emails sent to the original contact person in the domain record for the sites showing the first three pages of Ethan Haas' journals.

JS = John Schneckel

Listed as the contact person in the domain record for the original EHWR website, after Van Mantra was removed from that record. Works for Triton Enterprises.

KG = Kellie Graham

Contact person listed in the Triton Enterprises press release of July 17.

MS = Mezin Source

Authors of "The truth of Ethan Haas" site on Blogspot. Presumed to be equivalent to simply "The Mezin". Opposed to Ethan Haas and Van Mantra, they were the first use of the term "Mezin", prior to Van Mantra's voicemail being hacked by "the Mezin".

MSL = Mind Storm Labs

Ottawa-based company producing the forthcoming Alpha Omega RPG, and presumed puppetmasters of the Ethan Haas Was Right promotion. Tom McLaughlin, David Carter, and Earl Fischl work here. Also now reegistered to do business in Florida, where McLaughlin is located.

RD = Royama Design

Designed the logo, business cards, and website for Mind Storm Labs (and helped try to promote Ethan Haas Was Right on Digg). Apparently based in New Brunswick.

RIA = Red Interactive Agency

Designers of the Ethan Haas Was Right website. Brian Kessman works here.

TE = Triton Enterprises

Apparent registrant of the Ethan Haas Was Right website after Van Mantra no longer appeared in the domain record. Kellie Graham and John Schneckel work here. Codes hidden in their press release by Van Mantra led us to pages of Haas' journal.

TM = Tom McLaughlin

Described as "The Suit" of Mind Storm Labs. Also works for a Florida-based real estate and development group. An address on an old wedding blog of his was used as Van Mantra's original address in the Ethan Haas Was Right domain record, which was how we tied Ethan Haas Was Right to Mind Storm Labs in the first place. May or may not be the same Tom McLaughlin who once worked for RPG pioneer TSR.

VM = Van Mantra

Follower of the prophecies of Ethan Haas. Originally owned the Ethan Haas Was Right domain (and appeared in the videos within that site). Has been using Triton Enterprises to lead us to pages of Haas' journals.


piyush bhatt said...

Under tools you have some transliteration links. This is just to inform you about some update:
- you can transliterate by typing or pasting text
- this is direct link to transliterate the ehww blog.

The One True b!X said...

Updated, thanks.

DraftBossick said...

You do realize that Mind Storm is a fake site right? The voice mail, just like Triton's, is not consistent with a real company

The One True b!X said...

You do realize that your fake company has been around since at least January, artists are on the record as having done concept art for them, and someone from another RPG company in Florida has met TM and discussed Alpha Omega with him.

And their voicemail is entirely consistent with a company trying to keep a low(ish) profile and create intrigue about itself during this campaign.