Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Journal Pages

All of these are from my own reading and those of zornog, LazyGuest, Sirannon, and Lurker Underground (from the Unfiction thread).


June 2, 1849

I can no longer sleep. My dreams burn my eyes and flicker at all times like a candle wick left too long.

I was asked to leave the church this morning. I am no longer welcome there either. I sat for hours in the park, unable to close my eyes for fear the visions would return.

It is the only place I have left, the only place I can be near others and feel the warmth of the wanted.

I write again so I may calm my mind and find a place in which I can allow my mind to clear that I might find dreamless sleep.


June 2, 1849

I awake -- the dream was of a flaming ring falling to its center, turning as water. All around it were bodies of fire and energy as the heat of a flame twists the world around it.

I felt no fear. The ring turned round me and I saw [X] beneath [X] the surface were many rings, balls of fire and of light, turning to no end and I know how that creation and oblivion were its purpose.

The cycle.

The Beginning and the End.


June 9, 1849

Elim -- I hear the word in my dream, was whispered to me as I sit in the park. They are coming. The word is spoken.

I can no longer close my eyes. The visions come to me in flashes with even the slightest blink of the eye. I know I cannot hope to hide. I write now but my mind turns, spinning and fluttering like a stone cast into the abyss.

They will come upon the earth in fire and light, bringing with them only war.

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