Monday, July 23, 2007

Is 'the1shroud' A Puppetmaster?

Some interesting things to note about 'the1shroud', mentioned in my previous post.

Over on the Unfiction boards, the1shroud has only one post, a response to a post in which I wrote:

From a translation of the Mezin Source's latest blog post:

"You point (paint?) to a date in the future that means nothing to our cause or your future..."


"Only 8-1-07 matters to our cause..."

Is that the Ethan Haas puppetmasters telling us, once and for all, that this indeed has nothing whatsoever to do with Cloverfield/1-18-08?

What was the1shroud's reply? One word:


So far I've found only one other place (outside of Digg, on which I've not yet checked their comments) where the1shroud speaks. In a comment to the EHWW.blogspot site:

Ethan Haas has been dead for more than 100 years. Ignore those that claim to be him.

So what?

Well, that comment was posted on July 8 -- a full ten days before Van Mantra posted the pages of Ethan Haas' journals, which proved (as in, "first revealed") that Haas was from the mid-1800s.


Mitchell said...


found some stuff that might be interesting, i dont know, you can decide...
first check this out
notice the story (submitted by tom3mc) about the condo hotel dealy...
if you notice at some of the pages of the hotel site, it is designed by the same cat that does mind storm labs or whatever...
if you goto HIS site ( )
you'll notice that he has a 506 area code (506 being New Brunswick)
939 being sackville??? which is like... an hour or two from fredericton....
am i crazy or does this stuff tie in together

Mitchell said...

sry the link was a bit it is

The One True b!X said...

It all ties together on the puppetmaster level, yes.

FYI, following through that link to the Digg article on the EHWR game itself, you might notice a "tom147mc" saying they are stuck on puzzle #2. That's Tom McL again.

And who replies in the thread later on?

Brian Kessman, of Red Interactive Agency.

The Gunny said...
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ISammael said...

you mean that skiff279 ID? How do you know that's him? I probably missed it, but I'm just curious the connection.

The One True b!X said...

tom147mc = Tom McLaughlin

bjkman22 = Brian Kessman

Nighthawk said...

Also, it's interesting that he registered that same day, apparently for the sole purpose of providing the one word response.

Wish we could get the IP address of the post... :)