Thursday, July 26, 2007

Interacting With Triton Enterprises

Back on July 11, I sent an inquiry to the information@ email address for Triton Enterprises.

While you're still launching your website, could I get some more information about your product line? Also, I'm down here in Portland, just a short jump from Stevenson. Is there any opportunity to tour the new facility?

Minutes ago, I finally received the following response.

Thank you for your interest in Triton.

We can certainly send you more information about our company, please send us your details.

We cannot open our facility to the general public due to the nature of our work however if you are seeking employment please send us your resume as we are currently reviewing all potential candidates.

If you match what we are looking for we'll most certainly be in touch.


Nighthawk said...

Sure you didn't send it to the ".com" Triton? ;)

ISammael said...

I posted my letter in the Triton thread on unfiction. YOu are better at this than me, could you give me some input on how I should respond? Thanks, mate.

Jose said...

Just asking...Have you verified that this is not an automated answer..Seems tailored to your questions.

PRPhoto said...

The ETHAN HAAS WAS RIGHT profile on FACEBOOK has posted a new profile picture and new video TODAY (minutes ago, actually). Check it here:
(or just add the email address they send you emails from to your facebook friends)