Monday, July 23, 2007

अन एक्सपेरिमेंट

ई'वे नोतिसद आ सेटिंग ई हद नॉट सीन बेफोरे। इत औदतोमतिकाल्ल्य चंगेस वहत यू टाईप अस आ पोस्ट इन्तो हिंदी, ऎंड ई सुस्पेच्त थिस इस हाउ थे मेज़ं अरे अबले तो पोस्ट थे वय ठाट थेय दो.


The One True b!X said...

Go here to cut and paste and translate into phonetics.

The One True b!X said...

an eksaperimen

ee've notisad aa seting ee had not seen bephore. it audatomatikaally changes vahat yoo taaeep as aa post into hindee, ऎnd ee suspecht this is haau the mezan are abale to post the vay thaat they do.

Or, as I wrote it in Blogger, and from which it automatically went Hindi:

An Experiment

I've noticed a setting I had not seen before. It automatically changes what you type as a post into Hindi, and I suspect this is how the Mezin are able to post the way that they do.

The Gunny said...

Nice, I had been using this and just putting in the EHWW address.

The One True b!X said...

Oh, nice.

Mainly I was just surprised that I hadn't previously noticed Blogger's setting to post in Hindi.

sabaki12 said...

वोव...थत'स प्रेत्त्य दमं कूल

Nighthawk said...

You know, you're just asking people to start calling you "in game", aren't you?

The One True b!X said...

Egads, no.

sabaki12 said...

ओह क्रप, गूद पोइंत. इ होपे योउ मेअंत बिक्ष अंद नोत


almijisti said...

There's a number of Roman script to Devanagari, but site is the only one I've found that allows the other way around.

Where's the option to type in Hindi at blogger?

vitpink said...

Zornog posted this on the EHWW blog

zornog said...
aw jeez

am i the only one who missed this?

(and why does blogger have a tool just for transliterating english to devanagari?)

honestly it kind of makes this whole thing a little more lame, because the guy is just using a blogger tool.

(p.s. zornog = josh. i changed my handle to my usual one)

*end quote*

I had been trying to get it to work until you posted about settings, and now I can do it. Thanks!