Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Hypocrisy Of Ain't It Cool News

So here is Moriarity bitching about reporters stealing his work on breaking news about Cloverfield. And then he goes on to flatly state that the EHWR material is "marketing for an upcoming game called ALPHA OMEGA by Mindstorm [sic] Labs" without crediting any of the many people who are responsible for actually doing the legwork to track that down, making it seem as if Moriarity simply had the thought spring virgin and godlike from his own head.

And then he does it again in the comments. "I'd like it if people didn't just boost our work and take the credit for it," he opines.

If you want people to care about people stealing and/or not citing your work, Moriarity, have the decency to sit down and cite other people's.

Glass houses. Stones. You know the drill.


Nighthawk said...

God... what a tool.

Now I *really* wish they were all related so I can blatantly prove him wrong. There's hope still!

Bleedalbeans said...

I dunno if you've seen this, but I noticed you'd found Mind Storm Labs' Physical address. I found it here:

My Girlfriend (who is heavily influenced by Veronica Mars) also found the address was at one point, or currently is, inhabited by the energy company you mentioned.

Here's something new though...

Also they HAD their phone number up. It is no longer there, but I've called it 3 times now. It has never been answered, and sent me to voice mail. The first two times a male voice said "Mind Storm Labs" as it's only message. I've just dialed it, and now a female voice says the same thing. The first two times I called I left a message stating my name, an interest in their product Alpha Omega and asked them if they knew anything about an "Ethan Haas". I've given them over a week to respond and they haven't. So maybe someone else will have better luck. Here's the number that WAS on the site.


If anyone gets a response, please post something about it.

Jose said...

Thing is they could have taken the phone down cause they are called over and over again.I am sure they are getting called by half the net by now.

Though if it was my company I was make an official statement about the connection...or something...Just so it would clear up my phones and email.

I don't know why they just wont come out and say something. Strange.