Monday, July 16, 2007

Hey Forbes: AICN Didn't "Report" Anything

I've already posted a comment over there, but just in case it vanishes, what follows is my response to this Forbes blog on the theory that EHWR is a promotion for Mind Storm Labs and Alpha Omega, in which the blogger in question blows it.

Ok, let's be clear about this. AICN didn't "report" this, it simply stated it. Many others of us (Google "OMG WTF EHWR" to find my own stuff) have actually been REPORTING it, digging into the chains of evidence supporting the notion.

(FYI, Alpha Omega isn't a videogame. It's a table-top RPG.)

It's deeply ironic -- and more than a little annoying -- that in a post where Moriarity gets angry at other people stealing and/or failing to cite AICN's reporting on Cloverfield, Moriarity himself steals and/or fails to cite other people's work, and simply makes a flat statement in a way that makes it seem like it sprung virgin and godlike from his own head.

It didn't. He got the idea from those of us out here who have been chasing down that angle for more than a week straight now.

Basically, if this Mind Storm Labs thing turns out to be correct, press people will likely follow this Forbes blogger's lead and report that AICN figured it out, even though they didn't. It was, of course, various other people online actually hunting down the linkages and building the case.

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