Sunday, July 22, 2007

For The Record

In no way do I blame anyone for being skeptical of my statements about having found the URLs for the two remaining Haas journal pages and for the Divinus resort. Given the gamejacking that's been going on, skepticism is healthy.

I've explained my reasons for not simply giving them out: Some gameplayers cry foul if you don't get information only by overt clues and codes given within the game. I disagree, philosophically. But I've held back the addresses out of respect for that disagreement.

People have found the Divinus site through the small hints I've offered. I offered them at all, because (and those who have found it can verify this) as it turns out it's a domain that could be considered well within the bounds of guesswork and deduction anyway, regardless of what the puppetmasters have and have not yet done to point us there.

But when it comes to the journal URLs, as far as I know there has been no in-game communication offering up the codes necessary to find the URLs. That's why I haven't revealed them.

So, be skeptical. Please. It's important. But I will admit that I find it deeply ironic that those most loudly opining about being skeptical of my claims are the exact same people who believe the Haas mythos is connected to Cloverfield, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

That's not skepticism. It's simply belief.

At any rate, when the final Haas pages come out through an in-game clue, my critics will find that I was correct on the URLs I found and the single page that they contain (although presumably each URL will carry its own journal page when the time comes).

I'm not concerned about who believes me right now and who doesn't. But given the amount of work I've done over the last few weeks to dig up actual facts to support the EHWR connection to Mind Storm Games -- and given that there is precisely zero factual evidence to support the belief that its connected to Cloverfield, forgive me if I take anything my critics say on this matter with an entire shaker of salt.


The Gunny said...

Thanks for all the work you've done in hunting down everything both "in-game" and out (figuring out who is behind the entire thing). I'm with you on there not being any restrictions on how we figure this out. I think someone on the unfiction forums said that the fact they didn't seem to understand the methods available to us, might indicate they haven't done this type of thing before and were caught flat-footed. I also appreciate that you try to let those of us still searching enjoy the game by only giving us nudges in the right direction.

Queen Geek said...

Finally! Someone with brains and honor in this game. You are one of the few.

I understand your reasons for holding back. Some people want to do things their own way. Though I can't wait to see how you figured it out. If I were a cat, I'd be dead.

Thank You!

Bryce said...

Ah, not meaning to exemplify you or anything. But I think that anything's fair in this game. If anything, work like yours will just persuade the puppetmasters to ramp things up.