Saturday, July 21, 2007

Finding The Divinus Resort

Yesterday, I mentioned knowing the URL for the "proposed resort" (in the words of the Triton Enterprises press release) of Divinus.

The mention in the press release, of course, had sent us all scrambling to try and see if we could find a website.

As indicated elsewhere about the remaining Haas journal pages, I've found some sites in theory before we were meant to do so, and I've not done into detail how.


The URL for the eventual Divinus resort site is, ultimately, deducible. Most of us were, when the notion of it being a resort first surfaced, kept trying things like or, to no avail.

They're going to spring this site at some point, obviously. And I wanted to bring it up again now because, setting aside how I found its URL, it is possible to find it through deduction, and so I think it's valid if people find it in advance of it being given to us overtly.

So, what we did originally is a good way to think about (trying various domain ideas), but add this: Think about what resorts are for.

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zornog said...

haha, first try, i found it.

i still don't get how you got the ruchbah journal, though. something sneaky i reckon.