Saturday, July 14, 2007

Finding David Carter

Depending on whether you go by the now-deleted information on the MSL website, or the business card made for him, David Carter is either the Mechanics Wizard or the World Designer for Mind Storm Labs.

Perhaps it is this David Carter, listed as also being the Senior Content Manager for Relentless Publishing, makers of Prophecy (whose marketing copy reads a whole lot like the breathless marketing copy for how unique Alpha Omega is supposed to be, for whatever that's worth).

If you'd like, you can read David Carter's posts to the Relentless Publishing forums, perhaps starting with his introductory post, in which he describes Prophecy in roughly the same terms as Alpha Omega is being described, but with magic instead of science.


arash said...

i have one theory, couldnt mindstorm labs also be a viral marketing program for cloverfield?

The One True b!X said...

I still don't buy the idea that Paramount was settings sites and companies up as far back as January for a promotion that wasn't starting until July.