Friday, July 20, 2007

Ethan Haas' First Journal Entry


June 1, 1849

I have decided that I must keep a journal that I may recall(?) and that I may once again return to these pages to know that I am a sane man, a man of reason and willful thought.

The visions have become unbearable. My joints ache with the weight of my dreams. I pray that what I see is not the future, that it is some nightmare, the tortuous(?) visions of a man whose mind has failed him.

I may never know the truth of what I see. A world in flames. The wars of men. The return of the gods to a world I cannot know.

And so, I will record my visions.

Right now, I'm curious to see if anyone else can find it. Keep in mind (and this is a clue) that I'm playing two concurrent and parallel games: Ethan Haas Was Right itself, and "who the Hell is behind Ethan Haas Was Right?" at the same time.

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