Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Disappearing MSL Team

Once upon a time, this page listed the team members of Mind Storm Labs. At some point since the start of EHWR, it's been removed. What it used to tell us was:

David Carter
Mechanics Wizard

Earl Fischl
Lore Spinner

Tom McLaughlin
The Suit

Google tells us that, and I remember seeing it originally. Google's cache doesn't appear to have the complete listing of names.

1 comment:

Jose said...

Mind Storm Labs existed before the movie trailer and well before the rest of this stuff .. Yet, why are the creators and developers trying to cover there tracks? What is going on?

Has anyone tried to see if the RPG has any forums, game clubs or anything like that where anyone...I mean anyone talks about the game?

The Mind storm game blurb tells little about the game itself..Its something I consider strange in the RPG world. Don't know.