Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dear SCI FI Wire

To be clear, AICN did not to report this link (between Ethan Haas Was Right and Mind Storm Labs), let alone confirm it. All they did was state it, offering no source or evidence to back up the assertion.

The reason for this is simple: They didn't do the work.

Rather, I and a number of other people (on our own blogs, and on the Unfiction forums thread for the Ethan Haas stuff) have done an extraordinary amount of research to establish this connection. AICN, on the other hand, simply saw the results of this work somewhere and opted to make a flat statement and make it look like they thought of it, or that they did the work on it.

They didn't. You and many other sites are giving them credit for establishing something that they did absolutely nothing to establish.

So when you write that AICN "reported" this connection, it's simply and demonstraibly false. All they did was state it. It was I and others (probably no more than a dozen people, if even that many) who actually did the actual reporting to nail this down.

AICN is simply trying to claim credit for the discovery, when they aren't the ones who made it.

Giving them credit for this is woefully disingenuous, and insulting to those of us who have actually done the work on it since at least July 7.

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