Monday, July 9, 2007


Now that the Cloverfield issue has been dispensed with, I'm more convinced than ever that Ethan Haas is a promotion for Mind Storm Labs' forthcoming tabletop RPG.

In his video messages, Van Mantra says, "Only then will it really be the beginning of the end." On his website, the final puzzle requires the phrase The Beginning Is The End.

The name of Mind Storm Labs' forthcoming game is... Alpha Omega. Beginning, and end.

Also in his video messages, Van Mantra delivers a line which I suspect is an in-joke about what the site is promoting: "But what role you play, and how you live or die is completely up to you."

What role you play? Like in, say, a tabletop role-playing game? One that's scheduled to be introduced later in August?


Jay said...

I highly doubt that a small RPG publisher from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada would be using a big LA based marketing firm like Red to create an ARG to sell a small press game.

If it were Wizards of the Coast, I could almost buy it, but not a small press with no other games.

The One True b!X said...

Two words: Venture capital.

Mind Storm Labs in its original announcement on this claimed to have gotten a venture capital partner.

Just how much venture capital do you think they'd need just to create the game?

But, on the other hand, for promotion to make the game known around the world?