Sunday, July 8, 2007


So here's the problem.

References to the tabletop RPG game from Mind Storm Labs can be found as early as January of this year, when someone from the company appeared on a website looking for submissions from artists.

For the gaming company to simply be part of promotion for Cloverfield, planning for said promotion would need to reach at least all the way back into January.

The simplest explanations are these:

Either the Ethan Haas mythos is promotion for the tabletop RPG coming out from Mind Storm Labs, which would explain why Van Mantra's address is the same as that once used by a man who works for/with Mind Storm Labs.

Or the guy who once had Van Mantra's address, in addition to working for Mind Storm Labs, is somehow also involved in viral promotion for Cloverfield and simply forgot that he once used the address that ended up being used for Van Mantra.

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