Friday, July 20, 2007

About That March Concept Art

So, that artist who back in March posted concept art for Alpha Omega?

He now reports that he never actually got hired for the job. That would make the concept art in question not images from the game.

Of course, he also says that he didn't know it was called Alpha Omega, and that it was, at the time, more of an "untitled Mind Storm Labs project" sort of thing.

But, oddly, in his posts from March, he says, "I created this image for Mind Storm Lab's [sic] table-top RPG called 'Alpha Omega'" and "Here's some recent concept art that I created for Mind Storm Lab's [sic] 'Alpha Omega' table-top RPG."

Go figure.


Lazy said...

Guy in question doesn't even mention MindStorm on his resume, which can be access from his personal art site which is in his signature in the second link. Might me nothing if that's old webspace though.

The One True b!X said...

Well, if he didn't get hired, no reason to put them on his resume. Heh.

Lazy said...

wow I can't spell.