Monday, August 20, 2007

Back, But Briefly

So, I'm not paying attention anymore. But I thought I should say that I'm amused that the suddenly-posted new press release on the Triton Enterprises website, if you look into its info/properties, has "tmclaughlin" as its author.

Not, of course, that we didn't already know this. I just find it amusing to actually see it in there now.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Told You So

Fairly early on, I stated my opinion that the end result of Ethan Haas Was Right would be a coupon code or voucher good for some percentage off Alpha Omega.

Oh, look. I was right, once again.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Wraith's Hijinx

Since someone (either Wraith himself or his supporters) keeps re-editing the relevant Wikipedia bit, let's set the record straight here.

Way back on July 7, I provided the first evidence leading us from EHWR to Mind Storm Labs.

In the days that followed, this theory began to spread to many other online discussions, where many people encountered it (whether or not they knew where the connection first had been established).

Four days later, on July 11, Wraith encountered this theory -- having previously and very insistently been a supporter of the idea that EHWR was promotion for Cloverfield.

That same day, Wraith presented his crucial comparison of imagery between the EHWR and Mind Storm Labs sites.

So, when Wraith or whoever it is keeps going back to re-edit Wikipedia to make it sound like he's the one who came up with and proved this theory, it's bullshit.

No one -- including Wraith -- would ever have even known to look at Mind Storm Labs had I not Googled for Van Mantra's original street address in the EHWR domain record and found it had once been used by a Tom McLaughlin, which then led to Mind Storm Labs, and had that connection not then spread like wildfire around the Web between my July 7 post and Wraith's July 11 "discovery".

Wraith is not the origin of the EHWR=MSL theory. I am.



I've mirrored the press release (pdf), since the Alpha Omega site keeps falling into non-responsiveness.

I should change the name of this blog to The One True b!X Was Right.

Is what I should change this site to, now that it's August 2.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Thirty Minutes

That's all that remains of August 1 on the west coast of the United States. Yet despite Van Mantra's instructions to return to EHWR on this day, nothing has happened. Despite people signing up for the reminder email, no email has been seen.

The Ethan Haas Sing-Along!

Someday we'll find it
the Mind Storm connection
the Mezin
Van Mantra
and me

La da da de da da do
La la da da da de da do


So, is August 1 as exciting for everyone else as it is for me?

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

'Look For Our Symbol'

In their most recent communique, the Mezin said to look for their symbol. Over in the Unfiction forums I suggested that the curious 5-square symbol on Triton Enterprises' website might be the one.

I'm now thinking that while that symbol is important, it's not the Mezin's. Rather, I think we're supposed to notice when that symbol changes to something else.

In-Game Email

Added (although who knows for how long they will remain valid) to the sidebar a list of known in-game email addresses.